Learning activity in Pirmasens, Germany

The third and last mobility which took place in Germany, was based on the knowledge we had gained during the first and second mobility to Ireland and Poland. We layed a major emphasis on our area being a biosphere reserve with the special flora and fauna required for such an area. The Irish were really impressed by the acreage of woods in our area and just as much by the renewablew energy, especially solar panels which are to be found on private houses as well as on whole fields in the area of Birkenfeld where we visited the Umweltcampus. The other experience our partners were especially impressed by was the close vicinity to France which they got to know while canoeing from France to Germany. A third highlight was our visit to Trier during which our guests were stunned by the impressive visibility of Roman history as well as the beauty of the city as a whole.

Having done sports together in the three participating countries, having become conscious of the environmental issues of each country and having got to know the special traits of each country we are eager on continuing our partnership in another project and we are sure that we have raised the awareness in all participants for a sustainable lifestyle.