Workshop at Spohns Haus

On the third day of our mobility, our combined Erasmus group went to the Polish-German Spohnsh Haus in Gersheim/Saarland for an ‘ecological backpack-tour’. In the morning, groups were formed who worked on diverse topics, for example the ecological footprint of producing a pair of jeans, the ecological footprint of several foods and their transport, i.e. the environmental effects of our modern wasteful lifestyle. As an aftereffect, the female Irish teacher made plans to buy clothes more consciously in future. In the afternoon, the group went into the woods for a hike which entailed different stops that demonstrated in practical ways like a seesaw or a globe on strings held by the whole of the group the subject-matter which the group had been working on in the morning. All participants were really impressed by the outcome of this eventful day.

The whole group became conscious of the importance of living consciously with regard to consuming food, materials and natural resourses like fuel and the devastating effects of a careless and wasteful lifestyle.

Spohns Haus ?